IMPERFECTION; A Fault In Our Peace

“Sometimes Imperfections Abundantly Tantalises You; That’s Why You Call it Beautiful.”


When Imperfections Tantalises.

Let’s just admit, we human beings are so much afraid of admitting the imperfections, hindering our peace, within us, around us, so afraid of admitting their feelings, their adoration. They are freakishly weird when it comes to concede their own feelings, their imperfections, afraid to show even the mere sign of affection.

Be it Man, not admitting their insecurities, or the Woman not admiring their curves, not adoring the beauty they own.

A man can alluringly showcase his love without fearing the rejection, a son can talk to his father without any hesitation, all you need is to remove the barrier which do not allow your conscious to talk, all you need is to communicate.

It is not difficult to express yourself, be it in front of your parents, brother, sister, friend, the love of your life, even you yourself. You might be afraid of the rejection, fear of not being accepted, that your feeling may not be recognised or even worst, may not be returned.

You need to overcome this fear and in order to overcome this fear ask yourself a few questions everyday :-

1. Do you really want to exist with this fear for the rest of your life?

2. What do you want to do with your inner peace?

3. Or keep them to yourself?

and live with the feeling of Unbelief in thyself. OR express and feel a joy like a river.

Unbelief in Thyself.


The most weird is when the same thing which kills you from inside tends you to make conscious efforts in order to be with the object, or being of your affection. What according to you is Perfect? Who according to you is Perfect? May be the things, the habits, the scars which are imperfect according to you are perfect for somebody else. The habits which you feel are not perfect, are exactly the ones they were trying to find in themselves.

Imperfections are a fault in our peace, in our calmness, in everything we seek. The most important thing in our life has to spread love and joy within and around us. Trust is the perception we have of somebody, of ourselves. When the person moves away from the perception, we feel betrayed. Acceptance is the key we have for ourselves, and for every individual around us. You can’t be betrayed when you come from acceptance.

The more one focuses on the imperfections, the greater it will lead to Unbelief in thyself, it’s all of the dark forces want you to fail but don’t forget ‘Failure is the key to success’ and Imperfection is the key to Perfection. Only when an individual operates with calmness and childlike faith in thyself, he can swim upstream and can feel the joy of river. Of course there will be innumerable hurdles against the stream of the river but you have to keep the pace up and most importantly not have to surrender your peace as many says, “Imperfections are the fault in our Peace”.

“Every part of you has a secret language; Your hands and your feet says what you’ve done.”


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